• 1 What is Videozee?

    Videozee is a video production service offering the creation of high quality motion graphic videos to enhance brand presence and businesses on the internet.

  • 2 Why use videos for marketing online?

    Researches for Nielsen point out that people find videos to be twice as convincing as textual or image content. Videos are an attractive and catchy means of promoting your brand and services to the user.

  • 3 Do you cater to specific targets when creating videos?

    The Videozee video creation service analyses the niche audience and the domain of the business before creating the videos. We can help create videos for specific audiences like business associates and partners or for the general user base.

  • 4 Do you create the script or work according to a set script?

    Each video project has distinct teams of scriptwriter who create scripts according to the target of the videos. The writers interact with entrepreneurs and include suggestions and requirements into the script.

  • 5 What is the duration of the videos in general?

    There is no fixed duration for the videos. Most videos are created with a view of communicating the message effectively and in an attractive manner to the users.

  • 6 How many styles or forms of videos can be created?

    The videos can be created according to the nature and objective of the website. Our professionals possess the expertise to create tutorial videos, overview videos, typography videos, introductory videos and explainer videos among many other forms. We also provide customized animated videos for your requirements.

  • 7 Are the videos created in compatible formats?

    Each video is created and then distributed in web compatible and easy to download formats.

  • 8 How does the overview video work?

    The overview video offers a visual presentation and overview of the company performance and brand value in the market. This is an effective service to be deployed when looking to communicate brand values and to enhance the reputation amongst the customers.

  • 9 Are your videos SEO optimized?

    Yes. Each video contains relevant and optimized keywords to make it noticeable among search engines. Our experts include these keywords in the vital sections of the video like title, captions, urls etc to attract the attention of search bots.

  • 10 Do you put in any research before the creation of the video script?

    Yes. Our video production experts discuss the nature of the project, its objectives, the niche audience and the role of the business carefully before embarking on the script. Each video is created to attract the audience and communicate with the market in the most efficient way possible.

  • 11 Does the inclusion of videos help the popularity or the standing of the website?

    Research has pointed out that the presence of videos on a website adds to the credibility and increased conversion rates. People are twice as likely to subscribe to a service by watching a video as reading attractive content. Search engines also rank websites with videos on a higher plane.

  • 12 Do you undertake the promotion of these videos across the internet? Or is that not included in the package?

    If you choose to subscribe, we shall undertake the distribution of these videos with the top ranked video directories and social networks online. This contributes to a better visibility of the brand and the company name across the internet. It can help bring quality traffic to the site.

  • 13 Are these video production services suitable to all business niches?

    Yes. The video creation services cater to businesses of all niches. We have a vast experience and understanding of creating exquisite videos for businesses in all domains and can provide the right guidance.

  • 14 What is the pricing range of your video creation services?

    Our video creation services are amongst the most affordable in the market. We offer low cost and high quality video creation services to suit businesses of all scales. You can choose from a range of economic service packages to cater to your specific requirement.