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  • Project Questionnaire

    We send you a questionnaire to understand the nitty-gritty
    details of your product, what are your requirements and
    interest to focus on. We also ask for brand guidelines to
    create engaging video as per your brand.

  • Video Script

    Our scriptwriters write a video script according to client's requirements (On the basis of details provided in a project questionnaire). We send the video script for client's approval and feedback. If client have any feedback, we rework on the video script and send the revised video script again to client for approval. After only client's final approval on video script, we move forward to storyboard process.

  • Storyboard

    We create a storyboard on approved video script. Storyboard contains rough sketches of scenes and action notes describing how animation will happen. We send the storyboard to client for feedback and suggestion. Client can suggest their thoughts regarding animation at this stage. If client is not satisfied with the storyboard, we create a new storyboard as per their request and send it back to client for approval.

  • Voice Over

    In between the process of script writing and storyboard, we sent demo voice overs to client for selection of voice over artist. Some clients feel to change the video script in storyboarding process. That's why we have to wait for the final approval on storyboard to proceed further for voice over recording. Only after final approval on storyboard, we move forward for voice over recording. We have native accent voice over artists from US, UK and Australia.

  • Graphics and Animation

    After getting a voice over, we start the graphics design, illustrations and animations process according to storyboard. After animation and editing process, we compile each sequence and render them to the video. We send the video to client for feedback to get an idea of visuals. If they have any changes, we rework on the animation process.

  • Music and Sound Effects

    After final approval on animation, we move forward to add background music and sound effects. We add sound effects into the video and sent the video with appropriate demo background musics for client's selection.

  • Final Delivery

    After final approval on video, we sent final video in MP4 and MOV formats compatible for all devices and browsers.